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Lorem Ipsum Generator Makro
Lorem Ipsum Generator Macro

Formulardesign kann ganz schön laaaangatmig werden. Wenn man z.B. nur ein paar Layoutideen testen will, dann hält das Befüllen der Felder mit Platzhaltertexten eigentlich immer nur auf.
In anderen Programmen wie z.B. InDesign gibt es die Möglichkeit Platzhaltertexte (auch Blindtexte genannt) einzufügen, aber im Designer bislang leider nicht.
Bislang aber nur, denn mit diesem Makro kann man sich die Arbeit etwas erleichtern.
Einfach ein Text, Textfeld, Listenfeld oder eine Dropdownliste markieren, Makro aufrufen und die gewünschten Platzhaltertexte einstellen.
Ein finaler Klick auf OK macht dann den Rest. Wirklich ganz einfach, oder?!

Forms design can become sooo tedious. For example you only want to check out a few layout ideas, but the filling of fields with placeholder texts alsways suspends your work.
Other applications such as InDesign give you an opportunity to add placeholder texts (also know as dummy texts), but so far Designer does not.
So far, because with this macro you're now able to simplify your work.
Just select a text, text field, list field or dropdown list, start the macro und edit the desired placeholder texts.
A final click on OK, that's it. Really simply, isn't it?!

Dialog des Makros
Dialog of the macro

LoremIpsum Generator V1.0

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hi,

    Many thanks for this macro.

    There also another idea that can be very useful and could help designers a great deal when they design the UI of the form.

    If there is a macro that can do similar function like Microsoft Office "Format Painter" where you can copy a format of one object (i.e., the colors, fonts, shades, lines, etc...) and apply all copied formatting values to a new object from the same class, or whatever can be matched if the targeted object is from different class.

    Also, if you could have a "Format Painter" for tables, this will be an added value to the tool.

    Good luck and all the best.


    AST (an Adobe LC Partner)

  2. Hi Yasser,

    thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you like this macro :)

    Btw: If you use Desiger ES3 you already have a tool that works like MS "Format Painter", the Stile Sheet Editor.
    I started to work on a similar solution for Designer ES2, that uses prototypes created from form fields which then can be applied to other objects in the template.
    I hope to finish the macro within the next month.

  3. Great Post About Generator parts.Thanks for the post Wow...