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ADEP wird zu LiveCycle ES3
ADEP becomes LiveCycle ES3

Kaum hatte ich mich mit dem sperrigen Begriff Adobe Digital Enterprise Suite (ADEP) angefreundet, da ist es auch schon wieder vorbei damit.
Adobe kehrt mit dem neuesten Updates zurück zum alten Namen LiveCycle (LC) und nennt den aktuellen Designer nun wieder LiveCycle Designer.

I scarcely made out using the cumberstone term Adobe Digital Enterprise Suite (ADEP) and now it's gone.
With the latest updates Adobe returned to its old naming LiveCycle (LC) so Designer now is offically named LiveCycle Designer again.

ADEP => LiveCycle ES3
LiveCycle ES3

LiveCycle ES3 Release Information:

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  1. I hope I do this correctly as I only speak English. I'm glad Adobe decided to change the name back because it made no sense to change it to something people would have never heard of whereas LiveCycle was already a common name especially when doing web searches.